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Phone: +1 352-330-0112
Address: 105 Huey Street, Wildwood, FL 34785
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Jesse Noals
Rating: 3/5
I went there with my cousin looking for Wild Dagga/Lion's Tail. They did not have it, but I asked the lady to order it for me. She was very nice, the store was small with no other visitors inside. There was supplement bottles for stress, eyes, pain, and other ailments and problems. There was also cut and sifted herbs that were sold for very cheap. I bought Damiana for $1 an ounce(an amazing price compared to online), Coltsfoot $1 an ounce, and Dandelion leaves $1 an ounce. The only problems I've had; I don't live close enough to visit to see if they have my order in yet, so, I called them three times, twice on saturday and once today Wednesday. They never answered and I reached an answering machine telling me the hours they are open. I'll have to visit when it's convenient to see if they ordered it in a timely manner or at all. I hope this helps you, thank you for reading.
Apr, 02 2020
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